Easy Sharing with new FTP2hlpha

We used to upload loads of files to various file uploading sites ( eg.
for sharing among our friends for warez ....
But all these services will have some time and downloading limits /you cannot download more than two files at a time/ .
To overcome this we need to create a number of mirrors/alternate links for the same file/ of the same file in different services.
But manually uploading the same file in different uploading services via a web interface is a tedious job./you need to bypass the waiting time limit,!!hell'O/
To make this easier there exists a service, the FTP2SHARE!

How to......
well this is a simple process..
you need to have one account for this it's free
signup here.,
well register for a free account
and upload your file,you will be receiving one url
then simply pass it to your frens with whom you want to share
that file