more than 9999999 songs for download |regularly updated|

google a workstation for all lazy devils like me...
a training arena for all budding hackers.........
a resource for all researchers...
what not?
" what is in google is every where and what not in google is no where "

search for anything it'll retain you results.!
well frens i have searched so many sites
better if i say "parent directories" which consist of lacs of songs
and i will regularly try to update this post ..

first lez see some parent directories

|krajesh4u| -tamilsongs,themes..

|dont be shy|--mixed songs

|Bombay rockers| ari ari ari ...addibha

|shamur| the mask of zorro..spanish tango

|shakira| till resent album !!!

|devil in a bus|---mixed songs of all genres

|euro-dance|--collection of various djs

|desi music|--truly desi

|dylan/muza|--dj miller....

|shit on you|--nokia songs,themes..



|chistinaagulira--rythem divine| a terra byte collection !!

|safari duo| a true safari

|eminem|--rap eminem

|eminem2|--mp3 collection

|eminem3| bootleg fcukin crazy

|eminem4| more eminem follows..

|50 cents| candy shop

|beverly hills| truely beverly

|enrique| one or two songs ....

|spanish bible|astala bista

|Rolling stones| some more links for .......

|Rolling stones| exclusively ,only rolling stones

|Nelly furtado| nelly nelly ....

|Nelly furtado2| truely its nelly

|Britney spears| britney all the way

|kylie mynogue|

|Ghantasala| maestro!

|Kishore Kumar| the king of 70's and 80 's

|Kishore kumar| some more links will be searched.......

|Disco| danse disco

|Trance| tranquility

|Abhijit| hindhi

|rock| more rock follows

|Rock2| Bad company

|Instrumentals| truely

|Instrumentals2| mouth instruments

|Themes| absolute ....

|Themes| orchestra...

|metallika| yeah mettalika



|Asha Bhosle| directory with a-z listings cheq out.

will be updated daily...more to come cheq often!