Who is a hacker?

What on earth is hacking?
who is a hacker?
what is hacking?
now a days its very much heard about hacking!!
lets see something about these wierd things ,
and i think this post should be dedicated to this sort of stuff..!

Hacker: nowadays this is a very powerfull tag, used by a lot of people that may be or not be a hacker.{:--))}
By definition, Hacking is Gaining access to restricted areas
by exploitation of errors or other means.
is this right? Doing that makes me hacker?

Not quite.

Hacking is a lifestyle a living(i guess no wrong), and this starts sounding as a clich?
but Hacking is really a lifestyle(quite intresting).
A hacker is a person that analyzes troubles and find solutions in the most wild places, that any normal person could just skip.
Hackers are curious, they always are looking for different approaches to problems and numerous solutions;

hackers are interested into learning new approaches and different ways to bring up solutions. A hacker is hungry for knowledge(yummie),
wants to know how the simplest detail in a process works,
and what and how would taking out that variable out would affect the entire process.
Hackers are people interested in learning,(what makes sense if i use intuding?)
and applying every concept they deal with.
A hacker will never be a person that uses "tools" (exploits,virus,trojens..)
and just simple click(or double click!)
and point stuff to gain access to any system(intruding thats wat we love to do!!),
thats a script kiddie, a hacker is a person worried about how that "tool" works and how can he/she(or they) make one.
A hacker understands knwoledge and hunts it.

Hackers decide what to do with the knowledge,
they may be destructive,
which in my opinion is a bad decision, or they could be constructive(ethical), a helper, ethical. (even tho anyone is "bad" at times).
And my aim is to put every bit and byte i know in this related field(me to a learner!)that makes me to share what all the info i have!
be'coz i believe knowledge remains incomplete if it is not shared.
keep visiting to see some cool(hmm hot) stuff which i collected from various
means ...

A Hacker Is Made Not Born