Reverse your Orkut Account !

Ahoy all pirates,
wellcome to my blog!
well frens let me start something cool,related to orkut.
in my first blog.

A little trick which will make you to rock in orkut.
Reversing your Orkut Account!

It makes your profile on Orkut “reversed!”---"desrever"
Now the first question is that what do i mean by “reversed”.
Here is the answer in the below screen shots.

click to view screen shot

What it does is that it makes the “whole” profile reversed. And what’s more: None of your friend can view your scrapbook by the “normal” method of clicking Scraps in the upmost part of the profile. Similar thing hold for Fans and Videos etc. Now how you can active this reverse technique? Don’t think much and read it below

What You Have to Do:

* Login to your Orkut Account.
* Go to your Edit Profile Page Page.
* You would see a rectangular box like character in it. Well, this is the core
thing that makes this trick possible.
* Just copy and paste that rectangular box like character in your Orkut’s First
Name and Last Name field (at the end of each filed).
* That’s it Done.
* It would make your world REVERSED


software-library said...

best of luck.
judge the name techpirates..